Enigma Machine
The Enigma Machine

Although it is hoped that one day we can open a real museum here at the institute, for the moment that is not possible. In the mean time, we will try to photograph the equipment that we have and document it as best as we can so that you can enjoy the museum from your home or office, wheresoever you may be. At the moment we have an Enigma Machine on loan, which we have fully documented. The texts will follow, but the pictures are already available.

On loan from the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik

  • enigma01.gif: The box, closed, from the front.
  • enigma04.gif: The box, closed, from the top right-hand corner.
  • enigma06.gif: The box, detail: the lock.
  • enigma07.gif: The box, detail: the handle.
  • enigma11.gif: The entire machine.
  • enigma13.gif: A patch cable.
  • enigma14.gif: A patch cable, detail: the plug.
  • enigma16.gif: The patch panel.
  • enigma19.gif: Keyboard and light panel.
  • enigma21.gif: Rotors from outside and power connections.
  • enigma24.gif: Rotors in greater detail.
  • enigma26.gif: Removing the light panel.
  • enigma28.gif: Lifting the rotor panel.
  • enigma30.gif: The inside of the rotor panel.
  • enigma31.gif: Detail of the plug holders.
  • enigma34.gif: The reflector, the rotors and the power connectors uncovered.
  • enigma36.gif: Closer view of the refector and the rotors.
  • enigma38.gif: Removing the rotors.
  • enigma40.gif: The reflector.
  • enigma41.gif
  • enigma44.gif: The advancing mechanism.
  • enigma46.gif: The advancing mechanism engaged.
  • enigma50.gif: The three rotors and the axel.
  • enigma51.gif: Detail of rotor.
  • enigma54.gif: Detail of rotor.
  • enigma55.gif: Detail of rotor.
  • enigma57.gif: Detail of rotor: contacts.
  • enigma58.gif: Two rotors together.
    Pictures by Morton Swimmer.