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Curriculum Vitae, Activities, Areas of Interest

Dr. Klaus Brunnstein

Academic Position:
Professor for Applications of Informatics

Faculty for Informatics
University of Hamburg
D-22527 Hamburg
Tel: +49-40-42883-2406 (2405: Secretariat: Mrs. Leuschner)
Fax: +49-40-42883-2226
Email: brunnstein@informatik.uni-hamburg.de

May 25, 1937, Cologne

Physics & Mathematics at Universities of Marburg (1957-1960),
Muenster (1960) and Hamburg (1961-1964)

Diploma 1962:
Theoretical (High Energy) Physics (Asymptotic Behaviour of Nuclear Form Factors)

Dissertation 1966:
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
(Computational model of propeller and its interaction with ship wake and rudder)

Academic career:

Computer Center, German Electron Accelerator (DESY): mainframe operating system
(coupling IBM/360-75 and /360-65) with minicomputer (DEC) network,
optimization of computing-intense application programs;
development of library information system (High Energy Physics Index).
Cofounder, Faculty for Informatics, Hamburg University
Professor for Application of Informatics, Hamburg University

Special areas:

Computer-Aided Instruction, Medical Informatics, Applications in Sciences,
Economic Applications, Social Implications of Informatics

Since 1980:
Data Protection, Computer and Network Security, Incident and Risk Analysis of IT Systems
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Informatics; Computers, Culture and Media
Foundation of Virus Test Center (VTC)
First (2 year) course on IT Security and Incident Analysis

International cooperation:

Active contributions in IFIP: the "International Federation for Information Processing"
1976: German representative in IFIP TC-9 "Relationship between Computer and Society"
1976: Founding chairman WG 9.2 "Social Accountability"
1990-1992: Chairman IFIP TC-9 (1st term)
1993-1995: Chairman IFIP TC-9 (2nd term)
1999-...: German representative in IFIP
2001: elected IFIP Trustee
2000: elected IFIP Vice President
2002: elected (14th) IFIP President (term: 2002-2004)

Major International Conference activities (Program/Stream Chair etc) :


GI (German Society for Informatics) member of presidial board (1996-2001)

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