Cand. Inform. Andreas Lessig

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Curriculum Vitae

I was born January 8th, 1970. This glorious event took place in Hamburg.

After finishing school I had to do alternative service at a private company operating ambulances and offering a home care service for elder people.

In October 1991 I finally started my studies at the University of Hamburg. After finishing my Vordiplom (not quite the same as a BSc), I began specialising in Information Security.

At one of these lectures Prof. Brunnstein told us about studying abroad as an ERASMUS student. Since I liked the idea, I was studying for one term as a visiting student at Royal Holloway College. This college belongs to the University of London.

Now I'm back in Germany and there's still some way to go till I'm finished with my studies. At the moment I'm finishing a term paper (Studienarbeit) on digital money on the Internet. Although it's quite some work (110 pages right now and counting ...) I had enough time during the last months to represent AGN at the CeBIT HOME '96 and the Hamburger Computertage '97 (german trade fairs specialised in computer technology), where we were advising on computer security and viruses. On the latter Kathrin Schier and me reported on "Measurements to provide security on the Internet".

Recent Projects


  • Categorisation of negotiations for an appointment as relations defined in the Rhethorical Structure Theory (RST).
  • Evaluation of data gathered by weather radar on a UNIX system.
  • Restructuring of the FTP server of AGN and development of a tool for automatic mirroring of antivirus software under Windows NT.

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