SCA Virus

Strain:SCA Virus
detected when:November 1987
where:Elmshorn, FRG
Classification:system virus (bootblock), resident
Length:1. length on storage medium: 1024 byte 2. length in RAM : 1024 byte


Operating System(s):AMIGA-DOS
Version/Release:1.2/33.166, 1.2/33.180 and 1.3/34.20
Computer model(s):AMIGA 500, AMIGA 1000, AMIGA 2000A, AMIGA 2000B


Easy identification:typical text: 'Something wonderful has happened Your AMIGA is alive !!! and, even better... Some of your disks are infected by a VIRUS !!! Another masterpiece of The Mega-Mighty SCA !!' virus feature: pressing left mouse/fire button of port 1 during system reboot, causes the screen to become green and the virus to shut down it- self by clearing ColdCapture and CoolCapture Vectors

Type of Infection:

self-identification method: testing 3rd longword for matching string 'CHW!' system infection: RAM resident, reset resident, bootblock

Infection Technique:
Infection Trigger:reset (CONTROL + Left-AMIGA + RIGHT-AMIGA)
Storage Media affected:only floppy disks (3.5" and 5.25")
Interrupts hooked:---
Encoding Method:
Damage:permanent damage: overwriting bootblock transient damage: screen buffer manipulation: screen becomes black, message (see above) is shown by fading in and out peaces of it
Damage Trigger:permanent damage: reset transient damage: 15th infection
Particularities:a resident program using the CoolCaptureVector is shut down, also when using the ColdCapture Vector when the virus is shut down by its 'suicide' function
Similarities:AEK virus


Countermeasures:'CHECKVECTORS 2.2', 'GUARDIAN 1.2', 'VIRUSKILLER 2.0', 'SCA-PROTECTOR 1.0', 'VIRUSX 4.0'; own suicide function
Standard means:'CHECKVECTORS 2.2'


Location:Virus Test Center, University Hamburg, FRG
Classification by:Oliver Meng
Documentation by:Alfred Manthey Rojas
Information Source:---

(c) 1996 Virus-Test-Center, University of Hamburg